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Credit Experts on Your Side

Our expert team is ready to work alongside you! With our knowledge, experience, and advanced technology, we take action on your behalf.

A Game Plan for Success

We’ll work with you to create a game plan for success. We’ll help you CHECK, CHALLENGE, and CHANGE items on your credit and help you reach your goals!

We Put You First

Find out why our top-tier representatives are known for their stellar customer service! We do everything in our power to help you achieve your credit dreams.

We Help You

Take Control of Your Credit

We are Simply the Best. We know that choosing to use our service is an extremely personal and private matter. We will work to explain what we believe we can do to help and determine a path to great credit! Though we cannot explain all the techniques we use to successfully work on your account, we will explain WHAT we feel we can do and if we feel our services will work for you.

Reach Your Financial Goals

Don’t let bad credit hold you back from building a great life for yourself and your family.
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Buy Your Dream Home

Meet minimum credit requirements for buying or renting, and get a mortgage with the lowest interest rates.

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Don’t let bad credit hold you back from building a great life for yourself and your family.
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Qualify for a zero interest personal and business credit cards with higher credit limits.

Yeah, people kind of love our services

Truly, I'm a bit overwhelmed with how helpful, responsive and genuinely the whole team was. With long stretches of blame because of awful credit, it just took 3 months to completely repair. With tears of joy and sigh of relief, I now have good credit! Help yourselves out and just go for it. You will not regret your experience.

Kendra G.

Premiere Credit Solutions is amazing!!! When I contacted Evan about 6 months ago I was lost in debt with poor credit. Now I just bought my new home. He helped me tackle my debt and to understand what I needed to do to raise my credit score and be debt free. He followed through with everything he told me he would do. He communicated with me along the way. I developed a friendship not just a business partnership, I will always consider Evan as a friend, and keep in touch because he truly cares!

Amy B.

It has been a journey for sure, but Evan has done a masterful job. Not only is the business helpful, but they are also informative. They give the knowledge of how to stay on top of your credit and to manage your situation so that history doesn’t repeat itself. My credit wasn’t fixed overnight, but in 8 short months I’ve risen from the trenches of low 500s, to staring 700 in the face.I knew very little about how different things effected my scores, but now, thanks to Evan, I know enough to make moves happen in the right direction. Thanks for everything guys!

Colin M.

My experience with Premiere Credit Solutions has been nothing less than amazing. From the time my appointment was booked until now has been a great experience. I can say my score has increased over 50 points in just a short period of time, and to date it’s still increasing. I am currently happy with the services that have been provided and the consistent follow up and follow through that has been provided. As a current customer I recommend Premiere Credit Solutions to anyone that needs credit repair and want to see results

Anthony B.

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