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My mission is to lead you towards a secure future and financial freedom by building a strong credit profile and maintaining achieved results through tailored credit repair and financial planning.


Secure your future, Ensure your freedom!


1. Persistence = (An attribute shared by many and applied by few. I work with an aggressive aim to target all needs without backing down when things get challenging, I am here for you through the entire process applying pressure on your behalf!)

2. Equality = (I embrace everyone!! I am here to offer results, help educate on maintaining those results, and offer guidance. End of story.)

3. Integrity = (I will always uphold myself and my company to the utmost form of ethical duty. My responsibility to you as my client surpasses just an agreement.)

4. Passion = (Passion can be described as a value of one’s intrinsic desires. The commitment I dedicate to fighting for your results and helping you with goal completions is untouched! I want to see you obtain everything you deserve! My energy is poured into the process.)

5. Transparency = (I will stand on my commitment to offering nothing but honesty and open communication throughout our relationship in its entirety)

6. Accountability = (Each person has the responsibility to their actions, words, and results. In life, this is applied regardless of the setting and situation.

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What you can expect from us as a company:

  • Free 15 min Credit Consultation
  • 3 Bureau Audit
  • Result Typical In 30-45 Days!
  • Absolutely No Hidden Fees or Agenda
  • Unlimited Disputes for Packages
  • Money-Back Guarantee If No Deletions In 120 days
  • Unlimited Support! We are here for you; your goals are our goals!

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